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We came into being almost 20 years ago. From the beginning we had a precise mission: to keep our promises, delivering quality products to our partners at the right price. Today, our mission is the same, which has allowed us to win the recognition of domestic customers, but also customers in various European markets.

Our company continues to develop and differentiate itself by improving the technology and raw materials used. We want and make constant efforts to remain one of the leading manufacturers of sandwich panels in Europe.

Company history and present

We started the production activity with a single machine in a 200 sqm hall, but over the years, we reinvested the profit in the purchase of new machines, necessary for our activity and in creating optimal working conditions for the Panel Land team. We understood that we need a bigger space to meet the demands of our partners.

Today we operate in a new space with an area of 40,000 square meters, with almost 100 employees. We have 6 hydraulic presses of size 2000x3000mm and 13 hydraulic presses of size 1000x2000mm, an extruding line for PVC sill, but also a lamination line for HPL/PVC plates and PVC sills. Panel Land’s sandwich panel production capacity reaches 340,000 sq m monthly and we strive to invest, develop, and aim higher.


The quality of the raw materials used by Panel Land and the management systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHAS 18001, SRM 8000 implemented help us maintain the attributes and performance throughout the production process, resulting in competitive products in the market of interest.

All our products are certified and approved from a technical and sanitary safety point of view, they do not affect the environment and comply with all European production standards.

Even though 2020 was an uncertain year for all of us, Panel Land invested 2.8 million euros for the expansion of production and storage spaces, building 4 new halls according to modern standards. Also in 2022, we added the extruded PVC sill to our product range. Today, we offer our customers indoor PVC sill, white/color laminated and mass colored PVC sill for outdoor with high UV protection factor.

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