Manufacturer of sandwich panels made of PVC, HPL, zinc coated sheet and other construction materials

Sandwich panels are laminated boards, made of various light and good insulating materials. They are protected by various covers made of durable and hard materials.

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Thermal insulation
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Information about Panel Land sandwich panels

The panels are made according to the “sandwich” principle, i.e. PVC-HPL/extruded polystyrene/PVC-HPL (with different possible width). The core of our panels is made of XPS (extruded polystyrene) and the outside is made of PVC, HPL or painted zinc coated sheet.

SPVC/HPL plate lamination services

Panel Land offers PVC/HPL plate lamination to its customers. We perform hot lamination of HPL/PVC plates and cold lamination of PVC window sills. These laminations give a special aesthetic appearance and protect the base materials from damage (scratching, moisture).

Our Task

“From the beginning we have had a clear task: to deliver on our promises by delivering quality products to our partners at the right price.””

Technology and raw material quality

Panel Land offers quality, certified services and products, and the guarantee of a trusted local and international brand

The quality of raw materials used by Panel Land and the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHAS 18001, SRM 8000 management systems implemented help us maintain attributes and performance throughout the production process
18 years

of experience

Recognised on the European market

European production standards

Today, our task is the same as at the beginning, which has allowed us to win the recognition of internal customers, but also customers in various European markets.

We continue to develop and differentiate ourselves by improving the technology and raw materials used. We want and are making constant efforts to become one of the leading manufacturers of sandwich panels in Europe.