HPL Flat Sandwich Panels

The HPL sandwich panel produced by Panel Land is a rigid, homogeneous panel with one or two decorative sides, manufactured by pressing at high temperature a large number of layers of kraft paper, impregnated with phenolic resins.

The main advantages

High impact and moisture resistance

Long life span

Ease of processing: easy to cut, to drill

Finishing faces or edging is no longer necessary

Information about HPL sandwich panels

HPL sandwich panel is manufactured by pressing at high temperature a large number of layers of kraft paper, impregnated with phenolic resins.

The process, defined as the simultaneous application of heat (≥120ºC) and high specific pressure (≥5 MPa), results in the melting and subsequent hardening of thermosetting resins to obtain a homogeneous, non-porous material (≥ 1.35 g/ cm³), with various surface finishes.

Thanks to this processing process, HPL Panel Land panels are resistant to harsh environmental conditions, such as: pollution, saline environment, sandstorms, hail, intense exposure to the sun, sudden changes in humidity or various thermal shocks. That is why they are recommended for cladding facades, for parapets on balconies or external stairs. They are also successfully used for wainscotting walls and pillars in areas with heavy traffic – pedestrian passages, railway stations, airports, subways, shopping centers, but also for the manufacture of carpentry elements, etc.

The layer on the surface of the HPL panel has a double role: protection against UV radiation, but also an aesthetic role, because the HPL panels come with a variety of models that very well imitate stone, wood, concrete or other materials, being suitable in the construction of any building, regardless of whether we are talking about office space or residential areas.

HPL Panel Land panels, compared to panels made of other material, are less prone to scratching, staining or fading, which means a long service life, keeping the shape and color for many years. Moreover, these construction boards are eco-friendly as they do not contain heavy metals, toxic materials or asbestos.

Another advantage of HPL Panel Land construction boards is that they are easy to be processed, cut, sized or drilled, which means saving money and time. The shape of the material is preserved for a long time, it does not break into chips, does not melt and does not change its properties at high temperatures.

Renolit Exofol MX Classic Bedruckt 
Sapeli9.2065021 – 116700
Sherwood G9.0049158 – 116700
Renolit EXOFOL MX Premier Bedruckt 
Irish Oak9.3211005 – 114800
AnTeak9.3241002 – 119500
Siena PN9.0049237 – 114800
Winchester XA9.0049240 – 114800
Renolit EXOFOL MX Classic Uni
Moosgrun 600502.11.61.000013 – 116700
Basaltgrau701202.11.71.000039 – 116700
Quarzgrau 703902.11.71.000046 – 116700
Lichtgrau 725102.11.71.000049 – 116700
Schwarzbraun 851802.11.81.000101 – 116700
Schokobraun 887502.11.81.000122 – 116700
Black Cherry9.3202001 – 116700
Oregon 49.1192001 – 116700
Eiche Natur FL-G9.3118076 – 116700
Streifen Douglasie9.3152009 – 116700
Renolit Exopol PX Uni
Cremeweiss 137902.20.11.000001 – 116700
Schwarz (Black) – 116700
Winchester XC4.0175007 – 114800
Weiss 915202.20.91.000001 – 116801
Renolit Exopol PFX Uni
Honey Oak Super-Matt3.0078007 – 102201
Beige 60456-5115
Sheffield Oak Light436-3181
Vermont Eiche Sepia (Mooreiche)436-2146
Anthrazitgrau SFTN Matt436-6003
Anthrazitgrau SFTN436-7103
Quarzgrau SFTN436-7147
Jet Black Matt446-6162
Sheffield Oak Grey436-3186
Sheffield Oak Brown436-3187
Metbrush Aluminium436-1101
Metbrush Anthrazitgrau436-1106
Sheffield Oak Alpine470-3102
Turner Oak Malt470-3101

HPL panels availability:


Depending on the thickness of the HPL faces

1. 1.5 mm width
2. 2 mm width

Depending on size

1. size of 900×2140 mm
2. size of 1300×3050 mm

Depending on colour

1. “standard” colours (Golden Oak, Mahogany, Nussbaum, Eiche Dunkel, Anthrazit Grey)
2. “special” colours (see colour nuances and colour codes in the table above)
3. two-colour panels (one white side/”standard” colour side or one white side/”special” colour side)


Two-colour HPL panels can only be made in 2mm width, size of 900x2140mm or 1300x3050mm (depending on the availability of nuances).

Depending on the panel final width

1. final width of 20/24 mm (considered by us “standard” width)
2. final width of 28 mm
3. final width of 32/33 mm
4. final width of 36/38 mm
5. final width of 40/42 mm
6. final width of 44 mm
7. final width of 47/48 mm
8. final width of 50/52 mm


Special width is made to order only, requiring a production time of approximately 3 working days.