PVC Flat Sandwich Panels

PVC Panel Land sandwich panels are very popular in construction works. PVC sandwich panels are composite boards with an extruded polystyrene (XPS) core and PVC sides of various width. The panels are perfectly flat, rigid, with a reduced weight of approximately 2 kg/m2.

The main advantages

Low heat conductivity of 0.041 W / kV

Excellent sound insulation properties thanks to the material used

Ease of use, which even means the possibility of self-installation, without the help of specialists

A wide range of colors, which gives various possibilities of selection

Other advantages

High resistance to external factors – regarding the PVC panel intended for outdoor use (precipitation, temperature fluctuations, UV rays – for which we offer a 10-year guarantee) and to the formation of mold, fungi.

Low weight of the material used. Multi-layer PVC panels, unlike concrete and bricks, have a load of up to 80 times less.

Simplicity and ease of maintenance. That is, it is enough to periodically wipe the PVC surface with a damp cloth with/without non-abrasive detergents.

Availability of PVC panels

PVC panels are available in several versions


Depending on the size

a. in size 800x2000mm
b. in size 1300x2000mm
c. in size 1300x3000mm

a. 750x2000mm
b. 800x2000mm
c. 1000x2000mm
d. 2000x3000mm


Depending on the color

a. Golden Oak
b. Mahogany
v. Nussbaum
d. Eiche Dunkel
e. Anthracite Grey
f. White – White 9016, White Teraplast/Salamander/909, White Aluplast/ALP


Depending on the polystyrene used, respectively quality

a. With green polystyrene (quality A)
b. With black polystyrene (quality B)


Depending on the polystyrene used, respectively quality (for white color)

Below you have the tables with the possible availability of PVC panels

Informații paneluri din PVC alb

ProductDimensionsPanel widthPolystyrene
ECO 0.7mm750 x 2000 ; 800 x 200020 / 24mmgreen
1000 x 2000
2000 x 3000
ECOPLUS 0.8mm750 x 2000 ; 800 x 200020 / 24mmgreen
1000 x 2000
2000 x 3000
1mm2000 x 300020 / 24mmgreen
1.2mm2000 x 300020 / 24mmgreen
1.3mm2000 x 300020 / 24mmgreen
1.5mm2000 x 300020 / 24mmgreen
ProductPlate widthDimensionsPanel widthPolystyrene
White panelSUPER ECO750 x 2000; 800×200020 / 24mmgrey
1000 x 2000; 2000 x 3000
White panel ECO750 x 2000; 800 x 200020 / 24mmgrey
White panelECO PLUS        2000 x 300020 / 24mmgrey
White panel1.2mm2000 x 300020 / 24mmgrey

Wood imitation PVC panels information

ProductDimensionsPanel widthPolystyrene
Golden Oak

  800 x 2000

1300 x 2000

1300 x 3000

20 / 24mmgreen
Eiche Dunkel
Anthrazit Grey
Golden Oak / White

  800 x 2000

1300 x 3000

20 / 24mmgreen
Mahogany / White
Nussbaum / White
Eiche Dunkel / White
Anthrazit Grey / White



Panel width

UV protection

Golden Oakgrey

 800 x 2000



20 / 24mm

Eiche Dunkel